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Pier Paolo Chiasso of Cotarella

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Pier Paolo Chiasso

Husband to Dominga Cotarella, Pier Paolo Chiasso is the lead winemaker and general manager for Famiglia Cotarella.

Pier Paolo began his work at Famiglia Cotarella as production director in 1998. The family quickly recognized his talent and Pier Paolo rapidly ascended to his current role with Famiglia Cotarella. In his position as lead winemaker and general manager, Pier Paolo futhers the winery’s mission: to rediscover and promote Italy’s native varietals, to identify terroir areas with the ability to produce high-quality wines, to perform ongoing research and experimentation in winemaking and vineyard management, and to continually improve the quality of Famiglia Cotarella wines.

Pier Paolo also works with father-in-law Riccardo Cotarella as partner of his renowned consulting company, which serves as a resource for more than 100 wineries throughout Italy and the world. In both roles, Pier Paolo honors the Cotarella legacy and the family’s unwavering commitment to award-winning, critically acclaimed Italian winemaking.

Main building of Cotarella winery surrounded by tall trees and lush green, rolling hills of vineyards