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Mathew Torres of Protégé

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Mathew Torres

As a fourth generation Trinchero family member and Napa Valley native, winemaking always fascinated Protégé winemaker Mathew Torres.

Mathew’s venture into winemaking began in 2015, alongside close friend Ryan Darrall; Ryan similarly grew up learning farming and winemaking at another notable Napa Valley winery. The duo set out to craft a red blend from a plot of pristine valley-floor fruit; together, they produced an impressive 2015 vintage. Mathew’s talents subsequently caught the eye of Trinchero Family Estates President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Torkelson in 2019. Bob connected Mathew with longtime friend and famed winemaker Mike Chelini of Stony Hill fame, and together they created a Chardonnay characterized by Mike’s hallmark low-impact precision that allows the vineyard to shine.

Honoring the consequential relationship between mentor, Mike – and Protégé, Mathew – the two fittingly named their Napa Valley Chardonnay “Protégé”. Protégé blends Mike’s experience with Mathew’s passion for a memorable and flavorful Chardonnay that speaks to its Napa Valley sourcing and the winemakers’ storied partnership that inspired it all.

Protege winemakers Mike Chelini and Mathew Torres in the vineyard laughing with each other
In the rows of grapes growing in the vineyards of Protege winery, with a beautiful pink sky in the background
Protege winemakers Mike Chelini and Mathew Torres talking in the beautiful vineyard of Protege winery