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Emilio Rodriguez Canas of Terras Gauda

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Emilio Rodriguez Canas

Emilio Rodríguez Canas has served as Terras Gauda’s director of winemaking since 1999. Across more than two decades, Emilio has elevated Terras Gauda to its reputation as one of Rías Baixas’ most emblematic wineries, known for its production of award-winning white wines made solely from estate-grown fruit.

Emilio brings extensive education to his role; he earned a degree in pharmacy and a master’s degree in enology and viticultural studies through ETSI, Agronomy (Polytechnic University of Madrid). He also completed his postgraduate studies in small business and cooperatives management at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela. Beyond his education, Emilio worked as the technical director in various wineries in Galicia from 1990 to 1999, gaining considerable expertise in the region before assuming his position as lead winemaker at Terras Gauda in 1999.

Widely recognized as an innovator in the region, Emilio’s influence can be seen across the industry. Emilio has been a member of the Appeal and Tasting Committee of D.O. Rías Baixas since 1993 as well as a member of the Orujos de Galicia Tasting Committee since 2002. He has earned three patents in collaboration with the CSIC and has authored numerous articles in several prestigious scientific publications.

At the core of Emilio’s many accomplishments is his love for crafting characterful wines from native varieties that showcase the O Rosal region and its intense Atlantic influence. His commitment is evident in his signature white wines that are quintessentially Terras Gauda.

Main building of Terras Gauda winery situated amidst lush green vineyards with mountains in the background