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Sweet & Dessert Wines

Satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet & dessert wines from famed regions spanning California’s Amador County to Washington’s Yakima Valley.

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Moscato [mo-ska-toh] is a delightfully sweet yet refreshing white wine. Moscato displays flavors and aromas of stone fruit, melons, and citrus. Flavors are perfectly balanced by refreshing acidity, and vivid crisp finish.
FishSoft CheeseCitrus

Pairs well with: fish, soft cheese, and citrus


Port [pour-t] is classically recognized as a red dessert fortified wine, though its profile can vary in dry, semi-dry, aged, and white varieties. Port wine is known for bold flavors of berries, caramel, chocolate, and cinnamon.
DuckSoft CheeseMushroom

Pairs well with: duck, soft cheese, and mushroom


Riesling [REESE-ling] is a favorite varietal for sweet white wine lovers. With a bold flavor profile comprised of citrus, stone fruit, tropical fruit, and apple. Known for high acidity and rich aromas of honey, citrus, and honeycomb, this wine is best when served cold.
Cured MeatSoft CheeseLeafy Greens

Pairs well with: cured meat, soft cheese, and leafy greens